Struggling with hairloss?

Both women and men are commonly affected by the issue of hair loss. Experiencing these bodily transformations can pose a difficulty. Some events that are frequently the cause of hair loss include stress, alopecia, illness, chemotherapy, certain medications, and protective hairstyles.

Let's talk about it!

Traction alopecia is the most common form of hair loss following menopause and childbirth. Traction alopecia is caused by tension and stress in the scalp by tight braids, buns, ponytails and attachment of weaves or extension. This is most common in the Black community. Good news, this type of hair loss can be reversible with attention and care. Following traction alopecia is menopausal and childbirth loss. Unfortunately for most women this transition can lead to permit hair loss. Each women's body is uniquely made therefore the effects may look differently.

Fall in love again

Hair loss is an opportunity to redefine your standard of beauty and fall in love with yourself again. We are here as a brand to cheer you on as you rediscover yourself. Hang on, this ride can be bumpy! Whichever form of hair loss you suffer from, we are here to provide you with options to help take this transformation with ease.