Hottest styles for lace front human hair wigs.

Discover the latest lace front wig hairstyles for 2024. 

         15 lace frontal hairstyles you can use to revamp your look.

Here are some inspirations for women to find the perfect style for any wig.

Afro curly with middle partwomen sitting on fuzzy white chairbrown dress with long curly hair

We understand the perfect wig for every woman is different. We offer a selection of wigs for everyone to find the perfect fit. Our HD lace human hair offers a more natural look to the scalp. All of our wigs come pre-pluck and bleach knots ready to wear.
Before we get into the hottest hairstyles for lace front human wigs, lets discuss some of the looks that won't necessary do well. 

Lace front wig hairstyles that don't work:

Cornrows or straight-back braids: We've seen it all through Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. Hairstylists add braids to their client's lace front wigs. Although this hairstyle may be appealing when you remove the good lighting, filter, and edits in person it's not so attractive.  

*The upkeep on these types of lace front wigs is harder to maintain and typically doesn't last long.

Buns or ponytails: Due to the construction of most wigs, this hairstyle won't fit best with a lace front wig. We want both front and back to look good and presentable. If you want a more natural 


 15 Ideas to style your lace front human hair wigs 

1. Bobs:
Different shapes and sizes are available for a Bob cut. Styling this cut requires minimal effort and is easy to do. For beginners or individuals with a hectic schedule, this wig is beginner-friendly and suitable.
Natural black bob human hair wig
2. Layered cut middle part 
As of 2020 layered cuts have made their way into the mainstream. Of course, for many reasons, this look can be versatile using the Ivy flip-over method, from the middle part to the side part. Adding layers gives the wig lots of volume looking fuller with minimal work. 
black hair middle part
3.Flip over method Long Curly with middle part
The curly flip-over look can be achieved by anyone using curly hair. This look gives a natural look without the worry of plucking the knots on the lace. Apply some mousse to the curls flip the curl to whichever side you want and go. Just that easy.
Flip over method long curly wig
4.Side butterfly braid with curls 
For those with a little more experience, this is the perfect style. Adding butterfly braids to your curls on both sides of the hair will amplify your look for any event. This may take 5 minutes to do while leaving a lasting impression.
Side butterfly braids with added curls
5.Curly red wand curls 
Simple-to-use wand curls leave you with beautiful big curls and give your hair lots of volume.
curly red lace front wig
6. Red with black low-light Bob with bangs 

Whenever you want to switch things up, add fall colors to your hair. Fall colors such as red, burgundy, brown, golden brown, etc. Adding some bangs will help spice up your style if you are not comfortable with the lace.


7. Shoulder length middle part human hair 
Creating a natural middle part is an effortless hairstyle. The model is wearing a 5x5 lace front closure with an 18-inch Remy human hair wig in the image below. To achieve a natural parting and minimize visible lace, we can pull some hair forward towards the face, making it appear as though it is coming out of the scalp, providing the hair with lots of volume with low effort.
middle part shoulder length
8. Middle part long loose curl

Here is a straightforward example of a middle section that is excellent. The loose wave curly wig measures 22 inches in length. With curly hair, there's no need to pull the hair forward. The only required work for this wig is parting in the middle.

 middle part long loose curls
9. Shoulder length fridge cut with bangs
In image 6, a bob hairstyle with bangs in fall colors was observed. With different lengths of hair, we can repeat the same look. Introducing our 16-inch body wave wig featuring stylishly added bangs. To create extra volume at the top of the hair, the parting is positioned to the side.
side part layered cut with bangs
10. Long Afro curly human hair 
An Afro wig is created to mimic African American natural curly hair. Typically the front of the lace will have shorter hair to resemble "baby hair". Baby hair, for those not familiar, is the shorter pieces of hair in front of the hairline, not long enough to style with the rest of the hair but short enough to style on its own.
long afro curly human hair
11. Bone straight human hair wig
Bone Straight has always had its spotlight on one of the easiest and hottest styles. It takes less than a couple of hours to get the desired look. Our human virgin hair can withstand 450 degrees without damaging the hair. Bone straight is a simple hairstyle that can be apart of your ready-to-go wigs.
Bone straight human hair 2
12. Strawberry red curly layered cut 
Achieving the strawberry curly cut can be done with both straight and curly hair. To achieve spiral curls like the image below, use the heat-less curls technique. Create this method by adding purple rollers to the damp wig and setting the hair with Sebastian hair spray.
short wand curly red human hair
13. Shoulder length wand curls 
Wand curls can be achieved in two ways. 1. by using a heating tool, 2. by using. Both ways are efficient and long-lasting. By using heat, depending on the density of the hair a couple hours before is more than enough time. With a heat-less curly rod, this requires you to dampen the hair and style, to be safe we recommend you do this the night before.
short wand curls
14. Black curly wig with bangs 
Adding bangs to the wigs is a great way to style the wig without customizing or bleaching the knots on the wigs. As a beginner customizing the lace can be intimidating, for some of us with busy schedules finding the time can be challenging. Creating bangs Is a quick, easy way to style your glue-less wigs.
black curly hair with bangs
15. Short curly lace front with side part
Curly are beginners friendly. It takes little work to style, with the proper mousse the curls can be manipulated to style however you choose. With an HD lace, you can part the wig for a more natural look.
short curly hair with side part



                                              Bonus 2024 hottest hairstyle


On the list of "Hairstyles that don't work", we briefly spoke about 360 lace front wigs and their benefits. With this low clip-up look we can style this Remy hair without revealing too much on the back of the wig. Touch up the look by styling the front of the hair to fall forward to the face to give an exquisite charm.



pin back hair


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