How to make synthetic wig less shiny

Take the shine out of your synthetic wigs: 5 Easy Tips

April 14,2024                                 
In the world of fashion and beauty, synthetic wigs have become an indispensable accessory for many. However, one common issue that synthetic wig wearers often face is the shiny appearance that can sometimes give away its synthetic nature. If you're looking to achieve a more natural, human hair-like appearance for your synthetic wig, you're in the right place. In this blog post, we'll explore five easy and cost-effective ways to reduce the shine and make your synthetic wig look more natural.

1. Addressing the Shine with Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo is a versatile product that many people use to refresh their hair between washes. But did you know it can also help reduce the shine on your synthetic wig? Dry shampoo works by absorbing excess oils and shine from the hair, giving it a more matte appearance.To use dry shampoo on your wig, simply spray it evenly over the wig's surface. After spraying, gently comb through the wig to distribute the product evenly. However, be cautious when choosing a dry shampoo to avoid discoloration. Opt for a shade that matches your wig's color, and remember to work the product into the hair to prevent any white residue.

2. Baby Powder: An Alternative to Dry Shampoo

If you don't have dry shampoo on hand, baby powder can serve as an excellent alternative. Baby powder works similarly to dry shampoo by absorbing excess shine and oil from the wig.To use baby powder, puff a small amount onto your palms and dab it around your wig. Shake off any excess powder and gently comb through the wig to distribute it evenly. Make sure to use pure baby powder to avoid leaving white residues on your wig.

3. Specialty Wig Shampoo for a Clean Look

For a more thorough approach to reducing shine, consider using a wig shampoo specially formulated for synthetic wigs. These shampoos are designed to remove any unnatural shine and residue from the wig, leaving it looking clean and refreshed.To use wig shampoo, simply wash your wig as you normally would, using the wig shampoo instead of regular shampoo. After washing, let the wig air dry on a wig stand to maintain its shape and prevent tangles. This method not only reduces shine but also keeps your wig clean and smelling fresh.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar: A Natural Solution

Apple Cider Vinegar is not just a kitchen staple; it can also help reduce shine on synthetic wigs. Apple cider vinegar acts as a softener on synthetic fibers, making the wig look more natural and less shiny.To use apple cider vinegar, mix 1/2 cup of it with warm water. Soak your wig in the mixture for up to 20 minutes, then rinse it thoroughly with water. Place the wig on a wig stand to air dry, and gently comb through it to remove any tangles. This natural solution can be a game-changer for those looking to achieve a more realistic look for their synthetic wigs.

5. Fabric Softener: Another Option for Shine Reduction

If you can't get your hands on apple cider vinegar, fabric softener can also help reduce shine on synthetic wigs. Fabric softener contains chemicals that can effectively remove excess shine from the wig, giving it a more matte appearance.To use fabric softener, mix a small amount with warm water and soak your wig in the mixture. After soaking, rinse the wig thoroughly and air dry it on a wig stand. Remember to comb through the wig gently to remove any tangles and maintain its shape.


Achieving a natural look with your synthetic wig doesn't have to be a challenge. By using these five easy and cost-effective tips, you can reduce shine and make your synthetic wig look more like human hair. Whether you opt for dry shampoo, baby powder, wig shampoo, apple cider vinegar, or fabric softener, these methods are sure to help you achieve a more realistic appearance for your synthetic wig.Remember, appearances matter, especially in the world of business and fashion. By taking the time to reduce the shine on your synthetic wig, you can project a polished image and feel more confident in your appearance. So, give these tips a try and say goodbye to shiny synthetic wigs!
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